Update: our current children’s work/play shelf

Hi there,

After almost seven months in our new home, we finally were able to find a nook space (after clearing, cleaning and painting) to set up a little play area for my children. In the same room, but just opposite this shelf is a temporary office area (desk and chairs) which we all share as a work space as well as where our keyboard is stored and played. My children’s Lego storage shelf is now in this room as well. You can view our Lego set up  (HERE).

This room is I guess what you could call a rumpus room. It was originally used as a carport which was closed in by the previous owners. Our plan though, at some point, is to do some reno work ourselves, to potentially make this room a part of the rest of the house. Sounds confusing I know, but I will share more of the process when we get around to doing this.

Work and play shelf 2

If you have followed this blog for a while, you might recognise some of these materials/toys. Nothing here is technically new. Some items we recently brought out after having them in our cupboard for a few months (tangrams, geoboard, hammer and tap) as they weren’t being used and other items we have borrowed from friends for a while. Sometimes it’s just a mater of cleaning and reorganising the shelves or just rotating out a few items can spark an interest.

Most of what is on this shelf my 5.5 year old uses. Miss 7 only really plays with the meccano, tangrams and the xylophone. Recently she taught herself to play a few songs following an online instructional video. We also have some sheet music printed out for her to follow along with if she likes. At the end of this year we are going to swap one of our jigsaw puzzles with a friends 500pc puzzle as Miss 7 is keen to give that a go. It’s funny to think back to when my children started out with just a 3-piece puzzle.

Childrens work and play shelf.jpgThe most used item on this shelf for Mr 5 would have to be the Meccano Junior. He finds it really challenging but he loves it. He was given this set from my mum last Christmas and he initially needed lots of help with it, but now he works mostly independently. He has already created all of the items in the booklet that came with the set and is now focusing on some extension work through the Meccano website to challenge himself further. Work and play shelf.jpgI will share some more spaces in our home soon. I am still busy working on some painting projects, trying to get it done quickly before Summer comes and my husband (with a little help from me) is busy working on a retaining wall and raised garden beds. We are pretty excited to start growing our own food! Did I mention we not only spotter a Whip snake in our backyard, but more recently a large, brown snake. Scary!



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