Happy New Year! Reflecting on 2019 and Intentions for the New Year

Happy New Year!

We have now packed up all our Christmas decorations, tree and lights yesterday and did a bit of a Spring Clean. I was feeling motivated after watching Small Changes‘ YouTube video ‘Post Christmas Pack Down and Clean Up/Minimalist Cleaning Motivation yesterday and got stuck into cleaning and tidying up. Feeling great now that the house is back in order, neat and tidy….even if it doesn’t stay tidy for long.

How are we spending our New Years eve/day celebrating? We are having another, simple, quiet, peaceful one at home with just our little family, with shared food, music, board games and card games and just relaxing and enjoying our time together.

Intentions; just like this year, next years focus will be on;

  • Family
  • Simplify
  • Slow down
  • Move more- sit less
  • Clean eating
  • Waste Less
  • Self care
  • Projects (DIY at home and work wise)

In reflection;

Moved house and renovating– It’s strange to think we have been in our new home for close to one year now. We have spent a good part of the year fixing/tidying it up and doing some fairly basic DIY renovation jobs. I have now, painted 90% of the outside of the house including fences and gates and patio railings and 80% of the inside of the house including wall and trims (windows and skirtings). It has been pretty hot here in Australia for a good part of the year, so that Is why I have been alternating doing jobs inside and outside the house and not consistently painting every day/week as much as I would have liked to have had it all done in a much shorter time frame. I will finish off what’s left to paint as soon as the weather cools down. We have also tried our hand at cementing/paving, building wooden garden beds and some wooden outdoor furniture as well as landscaping including building a retaining wall. Lots of big and little jobs.

Every Day Begins New DIY furniture
DIY garden box and bench seat. The plant in the garden box is a ‘Dessert Rose’. We were gifted these at Christmas time. This corner nook space is work in progress.
Every Day Begins New DIY retaining wall
Our backyard retaining wall we have been working on. Still lots to do here.  I am looking forward to growing some of our own food. We just need to work on a better composting system that the turkeys don’t get into.

My next DIY job for the New Year is to paint our cement driveway and patio area all the same colour (currently three different colours and all the paint is coming off). It’s a big job but I am looking forward to giving it a go.

Family Travel: In the middle of the year we were fortunate to be able to have a family trip to Fiji together. My husband travels for work throughout the year, so it was nice for us four to all take an overseas trip together. We had plans to go to Vietnam this year as well but it didn’t work out time/work wise- so maybe next year. Both of my children have been researching Asia at school (plus Montessori Map of Asia) and are interested in visiting somewhere there and doing a travel journal/video.



Miss 7: Miss 7 is still in Lower Primary at a Montessori school and loves it. She is very much settled, happy and content. She isn’t doing any outside of school extracurricular activities at this point, preferring to either just come home after school or play with her friends. The weekends we keep for family.


  • Reading (current fave is Wolf Girl 1 & 2 by Anh Do), writing (mostly stories), research on so many different topics but her favourite topics are (dinosaurs, space, crystals, plants, animals).

Working on:

  • Rollerblading (she started around Christmas time)
  • Chess- we have been using a chess set that my husband had when he was a child.
  • Origami- we are using an Origami book and online video instructions as a guide.
  • Sewing (mostly hand sewing/ cross stitch) and knitting.
  • Clip Circuit project kit
  • Jigsaw Puzzle (500 piece). This is definitely a challenge.
  • Lego
  • Board games and card games

Clip circuit kit for kidsJigsaw puzzle 500 pc

Mr 5: I can’t believe my youngest is about to start Lower Primary (equivalent to Grade 1). He is excited but a tad bit nervous. I will share more about his transition closer to time. Mr 5 isn’t doing any extracurricular activities after school or on the weekend.


  • Lego
  • Board games and card games
  • Remote control anything (cars etc)
  • Making different kinds of paper airplanes (Mr 5 became interested after watching the movie Paper Planes).
  • Meccano Junior (robotics). This set is made from plastic. We are yet to try the metal ones.
Childrens board games
Some of the board games we have been playing together at home.

Working on

  • Swimming. Mr 5 is a beginner swimmer. He has been a bit afraid of deep water for some time now. His older sister taught herself by just playing lots in a swimming pool. She picked up swimming in about four weeks of swimming every day. We had access to a free shared swimming pool last year but not anymore. We just have to make the effort to find places to practice swimming and I am sure it will all work out.
  • Bike riding (two wheels). He just started to be able to ride a bit in a straight line. Prior to he was happy to just ride his scooter.
  • Hand writing (his writing is large and he wants to practice writing smaller and in a straight line. At school he is learning cursive.
  • Reading (current favourite book series- Ninja Kid by Anh Do). He has been practising reading aloud.

Over on Instagram- here is my Top 9 for the year (according to likes):

Every Day Begins New on Instagram top 9 2019
I haven’t been posting regularly on this account but it’s interesting to see which posts were the most popular throughout the year. Theses images are a combination of our nature table, Miss 7 helping with the house painting and baking, Miss 7 filling in her Big Life Journal goal setting New Year Kit.
Plant Based with kids on Instagram top 9 2019
A bit of a combination of travel snacks, dinner and dessert.

Thank you all for following along in 2019!

There will be a few new series of posts in the New Year;

  1. What we do in a day (days at home or out and about- what we get up to)
  2. What we eat in a day (plant-based kids)?
  3. What’s in our Plant-based pantry (an overall look at our staples and what we have in our pantry). Maybe some grocery halls.
  4. Not sure at this point- but maybe some house tour pics.
  5. More about our current Rhythm/routine during school term and in the holidays
  6. Setting up our Kitchen Garden

Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions or if there is anything else you are interested in me writing about.


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