Our Evening Rhythm (Summer) School Holidays

We are currently on our last two weeks of a six week Summer school holiday break, here in Australia. Now that the craziness around the Christmas/New Years period is over we are getting back into a more peaceful, calmer flow to our days. Usually with the school holiday period there comes some later nights and lots of sleep-ins, which is great in a way, but recently we were finding everyone seemed to go to bed and wake up cranky…so I was presuming no one was getting enough sleep and we were not consistent with our usual peaceful night-time rhythm (lack of reading and quiet/calm time before bed).

Back to some kind of rhythm- here is how our afternoons are looking-

  • Outdoor play – usually in our backyard, but sometimes we go for a walk or a local park for a play. Early morning and late afternoons are much cooler to be outdoors during our Aussie Summer.
  • Dinner– we have been enjoying eating outdoors. During the school term we tend to eat around 5.30pm and during the school holidays it’s closer to 6/6.30pm. In Summer our days are longer, so it doesn’t get dark until quite late at night.

    family time- dinner.jpg
    Plant-based coconut chickpea curry for dinner. We got this outdoor glass table, six chairs and chair cushions second-hand for AUD $50. 
  • Care of Self– (showers, brush teeth and hair).
    Montessori at home care of self hair tray
    Top drawer in bathroom- my children’s hair brushes plus two small clip lock containers that hold hair bands/bows and hair clips. These containers keep everything neat and tidy.

    Montessori at home care of self tray
    Bottom drawer in bathroom- these are my children’s tooth brushing trays. We usually have some floss in here but just ran out.
  • Quiet time indoors– this maybe be reading, work or activity books including Word Search, colouring in, jigsaw puzzles, Lego, card or board game, drawing, yoga using yoga cards or ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ on Youtube or maybe an audio book etc.
  • Read aloud– we are currently reading the Tree House Series by Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton. We are up to The 26th-Story Treehouse (book two). Not sure at this point if we will end up reading all of the books in this series.
  • Bed– usual bedtime during the Summer school term is around 7.30 pm. During the Summer school holidays it’s been closer to 8/8.30 pm. About a week before school goes back we aim to go back to our morning/evening school rhythm-  so back to earlier bed times so it’s not such a shock to the system when school goes back.

What’s our plan for the rest of the school holidays? 

  • We have a children’s outdoor park Birthday party to attend
  • Visit the library for some more books for our ‘Poetry Tea Time’ basket.
  • Swim and bike ride. Mr 5 really wants to become more confident, so we are going to spend lots of time over the next 1.5 weeks doing both.
  • We have a Playdate organised with another family at one of those indoor play centres.
  • Haircuts- I always cut my children’s hair just before school goes back. We also go through their wardrobes to make sure they have enough clothes, sock etc ready for school going back. My children don’t wear school uniforms.
  • Read aloud- book two in the Harry Potter series to Miss 7.

Both of my kiddos are keen to just play at home the rest of the holidays, so I think we will do just that with the odd outing.

On a side note- I just finished watching Anne With An E (all three seasons) on Netflix. Season three was my fave, especially the final episode. So sad to hear that they won’t be making a Season four.

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