Supporting independence in the home- wardrobe update (2020)

Almost one year ago I posted some photos of my children’s shared wardrobe space which you can view HERE to see what their set up was like when we first moved into our new home. My children now have their own wardrobe space to store their clothes.

Mr 5’s wardrobe;

childrens wardrobe 3

The white baskets and wardrobe extender are from Kmart Australia and the wooden hangers are mostly from Ikea but some bought second-hand from Ebay. The wooden stool is from Bunnings Australia- (used to sit on only, not stand). My children don’t need to use a step stool to reach their clothing on the top rack anymore. My children’s clothing is a combination of new and second-hand (mostly hand-me-downs) from friends and family. The colourful canvas is some art my children worked on together- yet to hang it up.

It’s Summer here in Australia so we are keeping a basket of swimming items such as swimmers, swimming cap, goggles and swim bag etc as we go swimming most weeks. When it’s too cold to swim, we will keep the swim baskets on the top shelf of my children’s wardrobes.

The top shelves of my children’s wardrobes;

  • A basket of out of season clothes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Luggage case
  • One basket of out of rotation toys/books or items that my children just want to put away for a while
  • One basket of keepsakes.
Montessori at home childrens wardrobe 3
Both of my children have an over-the-door wall mirror hanging from the inside of the wardrobe door.

Miss 7’s wardrobe;

Childrens wardrobe 1

My eldest likes to use her wardrobe as a play space/nook. Here she stores her wooden dolls house (my dad made) and stuffed toys. Spot the chalkboard on the inside cupboard door on the right.

Montessori at home- childrens wardrobe 2

A couple of months ago we trialled Miss 7 using my wooden chest of drawers which I had growing up but she found it frustrating to open and close and asked to go back to the above basket system. Once a week we will give the baskets a bit of a shake outside and wet wipe with a vinegar, water and Eucalyptus oil cleaning spray we make at home to keep dust and spiders out.

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