Supporting independence in the home- bathroom update (2020)

Last weekend, Miss 7 and I worked together to better organise our shared/guest bathroom. I like to get my children’s  input as to what is and is not working for them in this space and how we can make it more practical and better able to support independence.

childrens bathroom 3

  1. Laundry basket- all dirty laundry is put into this one basket and I sort it later.
  2. Step stool- my youngest cant quite reach the tap due to the high basin, so is still needing a step stool.
  3. Easy to reach hand towel hanging over the cupboard handle.
  4. Plants- we have 2 x Zanzibar Gem x 2 and a Golden Pothos on a shelf in the shower.
  5. Soap pump (re-used Melrose amber glass apple cider vinegar bottle and old pump) to store home-made liquid soap.


childrens bathroom 5

Inside the cupboards: 

  • Top drawer– hair brushes, hair ties and clips.
  • Bottom drawer– teeth brushing items.
  • Top cupboard shelf– handkerchiefs, basket of Miss 7’s items (head bands, shower cap and an electric toothbrush/cord).
  • Bottom cupboard shelf– glass jar of epsom (magnesium) salts and dried flowers for (foot bath/soak), spray bottle with a diy mix of conditioner and water to de-tangle hair and first aid box for my children to access (bandages/plasters, tweezers, nail clippers, paw paw ointment, zinc cream) etc.

My husband and I keep our personal care items in our bedroom cupboard (one small basket each).


childrens bathroom 4

  1. Adjustable height shower head.
  2. Low set rack to hold shampoo, conditioner and shampoo/body bar. I have de-cantered our large bottle shampoo and conditioner into these small pump bottles.
  3. Shower timer (3 minutes) to save water.

*Please note, both the rack and adjustable shower head were already installed when we moved in to this home. Just wanted to share how practical they have been for us. The only thing that my children took some time getting used to was the shower tap.


childrens bathroom 1

My children have been these hooks to hang up their robes and bath towels. My husband and I keep our towels on a two-rail towel rack on the wall.

childrens bathroom 6

Linen cupboard: Our linen cupboard is in the bathroom, which has turned out to be really useful.

  • Very top shelf (not shown)- holds our sewing, excess craft and emergency items.
  • Top shelf- spare bedding for guests etc.
  • Middle shelf- children’s spare bedding sets and bath towels
  • Bottom shelf- face cloths, hand towels and toilet paper.

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  • House Tour- our Lounge/living room space

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