Our gathering space- living room tour

Hello all,

Friday’s is usually a ‘catch all’ day for me, so I gave our living room space a quick clean (vacuum, wipe down surfaces) before taking some photos to show you, but this is what the space looks like when we ‘re-set’ it. This space may look neat and tidy, but it is definitely well loved and used- so absolutely becomes a messy ‘creative’ space, which I love.

Most of our furniture is pre-loved, which I prefer rather than to purchase brand new. This house has three bedrooms and one bathroom, plus a space off the house which is technically an enclosed carport but looks a bit like a rumpus room. The carport area is currently housing some of our storage items, our work desk and children’s toys/work materials.

Living Room– For the time being, we are using this room as our lounge/living room area. We eventually plan on doing a bit of a DIY job and converting our carport/rumpus room into our lounge/living room and then this space will become a dining room.

House Tour- lounge
Coffee table, side table, 3ft fish tank, hallway style table (below mirror) is all pre-loved. The mirror we were gifted from family as a house warming present. We don’t have a rug to fit this space, so are currently using  2 x hallway rugs, put side-by-side that we already owned.

The one thing I moved out of this space before taking photos, is a picture frame with a photo of my children, that usually sits on the table under the mirror which I removed for privacy reasons.

Home Tour- Living Room tour
We just recently installed a ceiling fan as there is non fans in this house. We are very fortunate that the house came with an air con, but we try not to use it often. Overall the house stays relatively cool.

So, how do we use this space as a family?

  • A hangout space for friends and family. If my kids have friends over, I usually put snack foods on the table for the children to share as it’s the perfect child-sized height.
  • Gather for story time (on the larger couch), board games, card games using the coffee table.
  • Movies/movie night. In the cooler months we bring out our blanket throws which drape over the couch.
  • Art/craft- drawing, playdough etc on the coffee table or floor. We do painting on a table outside.
  • Sometime I will move the coffee table out of the way and my youngest will set up his train set on the rug.
House Tour- lounge space
2 x padded floor cushions under the coffee table. My children use these every single day. Floor cushions are so useful. My children will use them if they are working at the coffee table or if they are working on the tiled floor, such as doing a jigsaw puzzles, as it just gives them that bit of cushioning to make them feel more comfortable.

There is no carpet in this house. The kitchen, hallway and bathroom is all tiled. The bedrooms have this kind of ‘wood look’ laminate flooring. The great thing about tiles in the main living area for my kids- is that they can use their roller-blades (Miss 7), scooter board (Mr 5) or remote control car around the house between the lounge, hallway and kitchen.

Plants; The two types of plants we have in our living room that seem to be thriving is-

  1. Zanzibar Gem (1 on the side table and 1 on the hallway table under the mirror)
  2. Peperomia (1 in the small pot on the side table)

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