Home Tour- Children’s bedrooms

As promised, here is a before and after look at our children’s current bedroom set up.

Before: Shared bedroom and wardrobe space 2019 see post HERE

childrens-simplified-shared-bedroomAfter: Both of my children now have their own bedroom space but choose to sleep in the same room at night. There is a spare fold-up mattress underneath Mr 5’s bed that Miss 7 uses. This room is the bigger of the two and much cooler. Miss 7 happens to have the smallest and hottest room in the house.

Mr 5’s bedroom

Kids bedroom tour 1
The bed frame and one of the wooden chairs (on the left) is second-hand. My dad made the white desk and the rug was gifted to us. The wooden chair on the right by the desk is Mocka- Soho wooden high chair. This Soho chair will eventually go to a friend of ours who has a new baby.

Art trolley;

  • Top shelf (black wire basket) – ‘finished’ and ‘working on’ project folders, wooden clip boards (1 large and 1 small), writing journal, sketch pad, science workbook, recorder and activity workbooks (puzzles, mazes, word self search), etc
  • Middle shelf- metal bucket with writing/drawing tools, wooden 3D geometric shapes, some flash cards (French words, tell the time) etc and noise reduction headphones.
  • Bottom shelf- A4 white paper.


What’s on the desk;

  • Bamboo desk tray- Maths and language workbooks (addition, subtraction, time, money and fractions, grammer and vocabulary. Mr 5 only works on one book at a time.

Kids bedroom tour 2

Nook space;

  • In basket- yoga mats, yoga gloves and yoga cards (ABC yoga cards for kids)
  • Very top shelf- LED lights for night-time. There is also a Himalayan salt lamp on the window sill behind the blinds.
  • Top and middle shelf- books (chapter, picture and reference) and small torch.
  • Bottom shelf- nature tray x 2 and mini robot toy.

Miss 7’s bedroom

Kids bedroom tour 7

Art trolley;

  • Top shelf (black wire basket)- finished/working on project folders, Art display folder, writing journal, caligraphy set, some activity books (colouring in, word search) etc.
  • Middle shelf- noise reduction headphones, writing and drawing tools.
  • Bottom shelf- A4 writing paper and sketch pad.

What’s on the desk;

  • On the desk– wooden calendar, mirror (my parents made- DIY), affirmation cards (Nurture Cards- Positive Thoughts), music box, Himalayan salt lamp.
  • Under the desk (behind curtain)- wooden stool, music basket/box containing choir song book, recorder book and recorder, musical note book), beading/threading set and some National Geographic Kids magazines.
Kids bedroom tour 3
Under the bed is a white basket that contains some small dolls and doll clothes. Next to the bed is a wooden cot my dad made with 2 baby dolls.

Kids bedroom tour 6What’s on the book/display shelf;

  • Chapter books
  • Sewing basket
  • Origami basket with book
  • 2 x rectangle wall shelves to display treasured items.

Kids bedroom tour 5Miss 7 has a lot more items in her room than her brother, but she can easily maintain this space without any overwhelm as there is a designated place for everything.

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