Birthday celebrations plus Plant-Based Party Food (part 1)

Hello all,

Recently we celebrated my youngest’s 6th Birthday. Can you believe it? Gosh, the time has flown by.

Birthday Day:

Mr 6 had the day off school, so we (Mr 6, his sister and I) spent the good part of the morning swimming, then went to my parent’s place for lunch and a play for a couple of hours and then back home to have afternoon tea with my husband’s mother (Grandma) plus some cupcake decorating. When my husband came home from work, we had a simple dinner together and a play outside with bubbles and sparklers and then played some games together (board game and Lego). I completely forgot to take photos during the day including the food we ate, but I am also, so glad I had put my camera phone away (forgot about it) and just focused on enjoying the day together.

Decorations: we decorated our living room simply with paper pom-poms and some largeish gold and blue stars hanging from the ceiling with fishing wire and paper tape. In my son’s bedroom, I put up all of our rainbow play scarves hanging in a row over the window sill. My husband and I got up a bit early and made up breakfast and displayed it nicely on the coffee table in the lounge for my kids to wake up to.

Birthday Breakfast- fruit, croissants, and bagels with toppings.

Birthday Gifts: Mr 6 received some Autumn clothes and books from his Grandma (Eric the Emu and Stella the Seagull written and illustrated by Roslyn Weigland. This series of books are beautifully written and illustrated. These books contain an important message as well as teaching children interesting facts about animals. The 78-Story Treehouse as well as a robot claw (grabber) toys from his friends. We gave my youngest the Lego and Vex Robotics kit as well as the walkie-talkies. My parents gave him a race track hot wheels set and a board game. Lucky kid.

Birthday gifts at 6 years

Kids Birthday party 3
Home-made vanilla cupcakes made the night before, ready for decorating. I used apple cider vinegar plus plant-based milk as an egg substitute.

Montessori classroom celebration:

With sadness, this was our last Montessori Children’s House Birthday celebration as my youngest is at the tail end of his time in Children’s House, soon due to transition to Montessori Lower Primary (Cycle 2). I will write a post on the transition process closer to time (in approx 4 weeks time).

I am not sure how they celebrate Birthday’s in Children’s House at other Montessori schools but at our school, the Birthday child shares photos of themselves (birth to current age), the children all sing a Montessori song together whilst the Birthday child is holding a world globe and walks slowly around a little table with a picture that represents the Sun (sometimes use a candle). This is repeated however many years the child is (Mr 6 walked around the table 6 times in total= 6 years of age). This song is followed by the Happy Birthday Song, and then Birthday claps depending on how old your child is (for my youngest it was 6 claps) plus always 1 extra clap for growth.

Montessori Birthday Song:

The Earth Goes Around the Sun

The Earth goes around the Sun, the Sun, the Earth goes around the Sun. It takes 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days. 

Montessori Birthday

Kids Birthday Party 1
Mixed fruit in re-usable cups for my son’s Montessori classroom celebration.

Kids Birthday party 2

Other celebrations: Instead of a party, my youngest chose two activities ‘adventures’ to do with a friend and his cousins. The first activity was a ‘play date’ picnic and play at a park. For the second activity, my children met up with their cousins for a play at an indoor play centre. Overall I think Mr 6 had the loveliest Birthday.

Kids Birthday party 4
Picnic food to share for the picnic park playdate- Harvest Snaps pea crisps, popcorn, sugar plums, and orange slices.
Kids Birthday party 5
Mixed fruit to share for the cousins catch up.

The cake- Mr 6 chose cupcakes instead of a cake for his Birthday which he didn’t want to participate in baking but was keen to decorate, however I spotted a small Vegan cake at Woolworths Aus ‘Plantitude’ range and kept it in our fridge just in case as I knew we would have vistors over. We ended up eating half of the cake, sharing it with family and then freezing the rest. This cake was delicious but heavy, so you only needed a small slice, which I think is a good thing. It’s a dark chocolate cake sweetened with apple puree. I usually make our cakes at home, but this was a great convenience item. This was the first time I have ever seen a Vegan cake in the supermarket.

Kids Birthday party 7Kids Birthday party 6

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