Our At-Home Learning Resources (Jan-July 2020) #2

Hi there, hope you have all had a lovely week so far.

Just a quick recap- both of my children attend a Montessori School in Australia. My eldest is in her last year of Cycle 2 (Lower Primary) and my youngest is about to transition into his first year of Cycle 2. At my children’s school, they don’t have homework, one computer per classroom is introduced in Cycle 2 and the children work mostly with concrete materials. Considering the low use of screens at their school, I don’t have a problem with my children using them at home (within reason and for educational purposes). I also do not have a problem with my children using workbooks and printable materials. It’s about finding a balance that works for us and if something is not working, we change things up.

Since my last Learning at Home Resources post, last year which you can read HERE, we have made a few changes to some of the online programs we are now using. Some of the programs we were using, we are either just having a break from or doing a bit of a swap over (rotation) to keep things interesting and support interests at the time.

A few tips we use regarding online programs/games;

  • My children share one computer (my computer) that is used in a central location (our main living space). We don’t use ipads or iphones (we don’t own them).
  • Use a timer (I use my phone) to set time limits.
  • Be available (where possible) to work alongside your children to help support them when needed.
  • I navigate the program/s prior to my children using them to avoid frustration/confusion as some programs are initially tricky to find your way around. This would just be learning the basics of how the program should be used effectively.

Miss 8: 

Online Resources;

  1. Reading Eggs– Reading Eggspress (subscription until the end of the year)
  2. Prodigy Math (free version)- trialing for 6 months
  3. Studyladder (free version)- trialing for 6 months


  1. Complete Year 3 Naplan-style workbook. Miss 8 has Naplan testing at her school this year. She can choose to participate if she wants to, again, no pressure. I think there is Naplan testing for Grades 3, 5. 7 & 9 here in Australia. At this stage, Miss 8 does want to participate and has been wanting to practice some Naplan-style work/tests at home.


  1. Cosmic Yoga (YouTube)

Extracurricular; choir


At home learning workbooks
I have workbooks put aside, but for now, both of my children are just focusing on using one workbook at a time.

Mr 6:

Online Resources;

  1. Prodigy Math
  2. Reading Eggs- Reading Eggspress


  1. School Zone- Big Maths- Grades 1-2 (ages 6-8)


  1. Cosmic Yoga (YouTube)

Extracurricular; none

Using Workbooks at home tips;

  1. Where possible add concrete materials to help support the learning (see examples below) or do further research together to better understand learning concepts. We might use an egg timer or a wall clock, labeled pitchers/measuring cups, different sized bottles (500ml, 1L, 2L or 2.5L) or measuring spoons, a measuring tape, scales to help learn about measurement, time, weight or mass for example. I will look through the workbooks beforehand to see what items we already own and may be of some use.
  2. My children’s workbooks are used if/when they want to use them with no pressure whatsoever. Their learning is self-directed. My children tend to use workbooks on school holidays, sometimes at night time instead of reading, when we are going somewhere not far from home but there might be a waiting around time, and when we are traveling away from home for more than a few days, they miss school and they want something learning related to do other than play board or card games or just play.


Some of our concrete materials;

Montessori 3D geometric shapesmontessori maths manipulatives


Again, my main aim Is to follow my children’s learning (“follow the child”) and support any interests. I will have a follow-up post around July this year for the July-December period.

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