Gardening With Kids- Succulent Garden

With the help of a group of enthusiastic 3-6 years olds (plus a Grandma) and a whole pile of donated succulents from the families in my son’s Montessori Children’s House Classroom, we created a lovely children’s succulent garden for the children to enjoy. I think it will look so lovely once the succulents are more established.

Tomorrow my son and I are taking in some different sized/shaped rocks to add to the succulent garden, with the hopes that some of the succulents might grow over/around them and make it a bit of a feature. We also have a Jade plant in a terracotta pot to donate, which will sit next to an Aloe Vera plant beside the garden box.

Childrens Garden- Garden box

Childrens Garden- Succulents
Some of the succulents we donated.
Childrens Garden- Succulent 2 (1)
Wondering what the plastic tube with the ceramic lid is? It’s a DIY worm tower that one of the mums created for this garden bed.

Each child chose a succulent, used a small child-sized garden tool to dig a hole and then placed the succulent in the soil, patting it down, using their hands.

Succulent garden (1)

With my youngest only having two weeks left of his time in Children’s House, this was the last time I will be able to volunteer in his classroom. It’s been so lovely to do so over the last three years. I think I will really miss reading with the children. The 3-6 year age gap is such a special time.

For now, my children’s school remains open, as are many of the local schools, but I am not sure for how long. As of today, all the end of term school events, parent/teacher interviews, extracurricular ‘in-school’ activities and excursions including swimming at our school have been canceled for the rest of the term. This includes my son’s ‘transition visiting’ time and Children’s House graduation ceremony. He was able to visit his new Cycle Two classroom for one hour on Monday, but that is, unfortunately, all he will be able to do until school goes back. This has been quite upsetting and unsettling for him, but I think he understands though. For now, we are just taking it one day at a time. My husband is now working from home.

Stay safe everyone.

Edited March 19th

Even though our school is choosing to remain open, with a heavy heart, I decided to take my children out of school for the time being. As I now have my youngest child starting Grade 1 and my eldest in Grade 3, we will be joining our school for online learning ‘schooling at home’.

Teachers gifts
Teacher’s Gifts- for my son’s two wonderful Montessori classroom Directors. We will miss them. 

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