Birthday celebrations plus Plant-Based party food (Part 2)

Hi everyone,  wherever you are in the world, I hope you are safe and well.

I had every intention of writing this post a bit earlier, but have been caught up in all the business of life and the current changes to our work/life situation. More on that, at a later date.

My eldest turned 8 recently. Gosh, 8 years of age! I can’t believe I now have a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old.

Miss 8 chose not to have a party this year. The day before her birthday, I took her to the Cinemas to see a movie of her choice- she chose Sonic the Hedgehog, which she really enjoyed. Her actual Birthday was a school day and she chose to go. After school, we went for a picnic and then back home to organise a dinner of her choice- she chose Japanese food. After dinner, and when it was dark we spent some time outdoors using Miss 8’s telescope (couldn’t see much) and finished the night off with some sparklers.

Also part of Miss 8’s Birthday ‘adventure experience’, aside from going to the cinemas, we spent some time as a family at an animal sanctuary park (her choice). This was before all the social isolating and restrictions in Australian came in to play.

Birthday gifts for an 8 year old
Miss 8’s Birthday presents- 2 x books, some clothes, Spy pen and a telescope/microscope set.
Birthday present for an 8 year old
Over her birthday week- Miss 8 spent some time at the shops with her Nan and cousin and with some Birthday money, bought herself a star and planet projector. Can you tell where my daughter’s interest lie? Nothing much has changed over the last few years- she still loves anything to do with space, dinosaurs, and geology.
Birthday fruit cake
Miss 8 spent an afternoon with her Dad making her fruit-based Birthday cake. Can you spot the pineapple 8?
PB kids food
Birthday dinner of choice- Miso soup, steamed edamame, and avocado sushi.
PB Birthday cupcakes
For fun, we baked some Vegan birthday cupcakes. 

PB party food 1

For Miss 8’s in class Montessori birthday celebration- we took in some Vegan brownies and mixed fruit. I was asked to make individual portions so the children did not share food. As part of a Montessori Cycle 2 (Lower Primary) birthday celebration at my daughter’s school, they do ‘acknowledgments’ where children chose to share something positive/kind about the birthday child for example- “I acknowledge ____ for being kind and helpful”.

Next Weeks Post:

  1. Learning from Home– Homeschooling Week 1 (what we got up to each day of the week).

Sending you loads of love and light xxoo


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