Our Homeschool Rhythm

To keep some sense of order and routine, we are following along with our school’s term dates including holiday periods. Our two-week school holiday break just started, so we are focusing on downtime before the next school term starts and we begin our first term of learning at home.

School Day Rhythm Mon-Fri:

The only set time/s we have for our homeschool days is the scheduled time for my children’s Zoom calls with their Teachers and classmates which will be each morning and afternoon Mon-Fri.

  • Morning Routine including breakfast
  • Journal/daily plan + chat
  • Circle Time- Zoom chat with Teacher and classmates (approx 20- 30mins)
  • Morning work period +snack
  • Play + lunch
  • Afternoon work period
  • Circle Time- Zoom chat with Teacher and classmates (approx 20- 30 mins)

The above daily rhythm is a rough guide that was suggested to us by one of my children’s Montessori classroom Directors. She suggested aiming to stick to some kind of Rhythm like the above suggestion to help with the ease of transition when school opens up again. We just have no idea when that will be. Without putting too much pressure on myself, we are going to focus mostly on the morning work period. Both of my children love to learn and over the past two weeks that we have been learning at home, they have been so keen to do lots of self-directed but also collaborative work.

Poetry tea time

One thing that we did a lot of over the past two weeks is ‘Poetry Tea Time’ where we shared snacks, took turns reading to each other, but also included colouring, drawing and painting together.

Some Brainstorming Ideas: here is a list of ideas for learning at home provided by some other Montessori 6-9-year-old children at my children’s school;

  • Writing practice- practice cursive
  • Story writing
  • Diary writing
  • Memorisation of addition and multiplication combinations or learning multiplication tables.
  • Research on various topics
  • Identifying particular parts of speech and recording with the Montessori Grammar symbols
  • Reading
  • Knitting (finger knitting, French knitting), embroidery or sewing.
  • Art- Creating using geometric designs or creating pictures in the style of Mondrian.
  • Cooking- reading recipes, measuring ingredients, setting the temperature, recording the time.
  • Recording the weather
  • Drawing line designs with a ruler and squared paper
  • Drawing compass designs
  • Practice or learn a new sport
  • Practice clock times
  • Practice or learn a musical instrument
  • Writing and drawing on the Timeline of Life
  • Sketching using shading
  • Science experiments
  • Origami
  • Paper mache
  • Gardening
  • Map or flag work (traping maps from an Atlas)
  • Chalk art with sidewalk chalk
  • Leaf rubbing
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Lego
  • Using a telescope or microscope

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