Montessori Learning at home (week 1)

We have just finished our first week of term 2 home learning (Montessori). Overall it went well. The first day I found myself getting a bit flustered mostly due to our internet kept dropping throughout the day, especially during the times when both of my children were in the middle of Zoom chats with their Teachers. There was one morning, I think we did all feel a little overwhelmed, possibly due to just getting our heads around everything, so we took a break and went for a nice walk together.

For the first week, there was no set online subject lessons, so each day my children only used screen time for morning and afternoon Zoom chats with their Teachers and classmates that are attending school at the moment. These chats (aka mat time/circle time) last around 25-30minutes and usually consists of story time, show and tell etc. The morning chat is considered the most important to join in, wheras joining the afternoon online chat is optional.

For the first week of school (Tuesday- Friday) our day consisted of;

  1. Zoom chat
  2. Morning tea and play outside
  3. Morning work period (around 1-1.5 hours)
  4. outdoor play
  5. Lunch
  6. Afternoon work period (around 1-1.5 hours)
  7. Zoom chat

The handy thing about both of my children now in Lower Primary (Cycle 2) at their Montessori school, much of their work subjects overlap, so I have been able to use lots of different resources from their Teachers and then share these resources with both of my children. Some pieces of work my children get through quickly and other ones they work on over a couple of days. At the moment, there has not been any work assigned to us with the expectation that it must be completed by the end of the day. For the most part the pressure is off. The other great thing, considering that some of their work subjects overlap (just varies in difficulty), my children have often been sitting together, doing the same work side-by-side just as they normally would if they were in the classroom.

Mr 6 worked on; I have highlighted the work that came form their school Teacher/Guide.

  • Journal writing
  • Reading comprehension cards
  • Phonogram work (aw, au, or, augh and ough)
  • Geography- map work (tracing and labelling)
  • Land and water 3 part cards
  • Clock work (O clock and half-past) revision using 3 part cards
  • Letter sound blends- (br, sh, sp, st, fr, dr, pl, cl, gl, cr, fl, ch)
  • Other ‘chosen’ work of choice
  • Our own work- Lego, jigsaw puzzles, board and card games.

Miss 8 worked on;

  • Journal writing
  • Easter Sunday (recount) work- who? where? when? what? and why?
  • Geography- map work plus extention work on continents and oceans
  • Land and water 3 part cards plus extention work
  • Clock work (quarter past and quarter to the hour) 3 part cards plus extention work
  • Other ‘chosen’ work- mostly animal reseach
  • Our own work- Lego, jigsaw puzzles, board and card games, playdough
  • P.E- Miss 8 chose to follow along to a few Youtube exercise videos from P.E with Jo
Land and Water forms 3 part cards
Land and water forms 3part cards
Map work 1
Continent study/revision

Map tracing with a light board

Map work- Australia
Map tracing (light board) and country research
clock work
Time 3 part cards. Extention work- writing hands on blank clock faces, filling in the digital time and writing the analogue time in words.

DIY (materials we have chosen to make ourselves);

  • DIY Grammer box for learning functions of words/parts of speech
  • DIY math ‘support’ box
  • Currently working on making the Montessori Stamp Game using paper.
  • Currently working on Montessori Addition and subtraction boards using paper.

Montessori grammar boxMontessori math support box

Our Homeschool spaces;

Homeschool and play area
Miss 8 loves to sit and do her work at the coffee table or on the rug.
Homeschool desk
Our dining table is the permanent space that we keep computers, homeschool supplies whilst learning at home. The two art trolleys are usually stored in my children’s bedrooms. The dining table is cleaned and re-set at the end of each day as seen in the above photo. We have been using a white board on the fridge to keep track of the date and what week we are in etc which is helpful for journal writing and another whiteboard calendar usually sits inbetween the computers where we will write notes on each day
Outdoor art space
Outdoor/undercover art space to get creative.

Other learning work;

  • Activity workbooks- some maths/language base and some puzzle/maze books etc- used sometimes, not every day.
  • Prodigy Maths (online maths game)- used sometimes not every day
  • Global Guardian Project online (Miss 8 uses this for animal research)
  • David Attenborough documentaries- we currently watched Seven Wonders One Planet- (The Australian episode) and Our Planet- (Jungles episode) on Netflix.
  • Cooking/baking and gardening projects
  • My children have been learning more about recycling so we recently took some collected glass, plastic and tin cans/bottles to take to a recyclying centre/refund point which was such a great learning experience and they earned a little pocket money in the process.
Homeschool workbooks
Miss 8’s workbooks that she loves to work through.

I will have a week 2 learning at home recap for you either over the upcoming weekend or early next week.


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