Montessori learning at home (week 2-4) plus some news

Hi there,

Gosh, sorry I am so behind writing up these learning at home posts. Life has been pretty busy, but in a good way. My husband and I are still working from home and this week (week 5 of term 2) is Miss 8’s last week of learning at home before she returns to school. I think she has managed really well with learning at home these past weeks. Her days have not been filled with assigned school work, which is nice, but she has had enough to do to keep her mind busy, which has worked well for her. There has still be time for lots of play and following whatever she wants to do/learn each day. We have been busy in the kitchen and garden these past weeks which is so nice and the weather has been perfect for the most part.

On anothe note, we also brought home an 8 week old, male Beagle puppy last week and have been helping him settle into his new home with us. So far so good! He has such a lovely temperament.

Beagle 1Beagle 2

Last week, my youngest (Mr 6) returned to school (at the school’s request). He was a little nervous going back but also so excited to see his new classroom director and friends. He says he is much happier in Lower Primary and loves all the classroom changes. I think he is enjoying the more social environment and the increased responsibility and level of independence he now has. He went to school last week for 4 days, but is now back to full-time school (5 days). He says he had a great first week back and was so happy to return to school today. I think my kids have loved being at home the last 8 or so weeks and even though they have missed their friends, I think are happy to go back to their school and back to their usual rythm. I think if things didn’t work at their school, I would still be open to homeschooling but I think we would definitely do things differently. Anyways, my children say they are happy and want to continue on at their Montessori school.

Learning at home: Our overall learning at home timetable changed slightly from week 2 as week 1, we are all just trying to find our way. For Mr 6 instead of online video lessons and daily/weekly assignments, he was given a freedom of ‘choice board’ each week, which is basically a weeks worth of ‘age/stage appropriate work choices ranging from Maths, Language, Geography, History, Art, Music, French, Health etc. I loved this way of learning which meant the pressure was off, there was minimal screen time and my youngest felt more in control of his own learning during this time as he could pick and choose what he wanted to focus on each day. We were also enouraged to do our own learning as well and then share with the other children if we wanted to.

For Miss 8, her classroom director focused on one daily online live video lesson each day (around 20 minutes) and some kind of follow-up work (“assignment” due at the end of each week. For example; Monday= Language lesson, Tuesday= Maths lesson, Wednesday = Geometry, Thursday = History and Friday= Science or Art. Also during the week for both of my children there was an online P.E lesson usually in the form of some kind of group physical activity such as yoga if they chose to join in.

The great thing about this type of timetable for my eldest, considering she is in her last year of Lower Primary (Cycle 2) means, a bit more structure and routine which is what she asked for/wanted. Miss 8 is easily able to keep up for the most part with the work the other children in her classroom that have not been learning at home. Miss 8’s days at home, are somewhat similar to what they would be if she were at school however we always made time for outdoor play, daily wallks and more cooking and gardening together as well as allowing the freedom to be able to chose what she wanted to learn each day.

Some of Mr 6 chosen Week 2 and 3 work;

  • Lots of reading books at home but also some reading comprehension cards.
  • History- calendar work- making up a hand-made calendar for the month of May.
  • Art collage- Mondrian inspired
  • 3-part-cards (Herbivore, carnivore, omnivore)
  • 3-part-cards Time (quarter past the hour) using an analogue clock for support.
  • 3-part-cards Fractions
  • Gratitude poster- what we are thankful for
  • French- learning some action words (draw, sing, dance) etc
  • Montesori short-chain worksheets- we also used our coloured beads for support.
compounds words
Compound words

compound words 2


rainbow words
Rainbow words for reading or spelling

rainbow words red


Some of Miss 8’s Week 2 and 3 work;

Most but not all of what Miss 8 focuses on now at school is referred to as ‘big work’ which is basically work that takes time (sometimes days) to work through as oppossed to work that only take 5-10minutes to go through and complete. For example- her Geography map work she worked on over 3 days, doing a little bit at a time. This type of work is not overwhelming for the child, it’s something the children seem to really enjoy, well my eldest certainly seems to love it.

  • Art collage- Mondrian inspired
  • Gratitude poster- what we are thankful for
  • Lanuage- alphabetising
  • Language- pronoun sentence building
  • Geometry- 7 types of triangles aka 7 triangles of reality (drawing, cutting, sorting and labelling)
  • Maths- missing Addends + extension work
  • Maths- checkerboard + extension work
  • Science- animal research stories ‘what am I? x 2 (vertebrae and invertebrae)
  • Science- animal research- animal adaptations x 2
  • History- family timeline
  • Science- Animal adaptations work x 2 (Miss 8 chose the Beagle Dog and Amazon River Dolphin) to research.
  • Online French, music and technology (pre-recorded or live) video lessons during the week.

Animal Stories 2The 7 Triangles of Reality

Checkerboard 2 (re-do)

Animal Adaptations 1

Considering this week is Miss 8’s last week of learning at home, there is no assigned work, only online 20minutes video lessons each day- we will therefore be focusing on whatever Miss 8 wants to do/learn this week. Miss 8 is wanting to spend most of her spare time with her puppy at the moment which is so sweet.


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