What we have been up to……..

Hi there,

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a blog post. Life has been busy, and with gratitude, we (including our extended family) are all doing well- happy and healthy. Restrictions have eased where we live, but we are continuing to exercise social distancing.

SCHOOL– My children returned to school this week after a two-week school holiday break, which we spent most of it at home. They both officially returned to school last term after some ‘home learning’. My eldest has 3 more terms in Cycle 2 and my youngest is now in his second term/first year of Cycle 2 at their Montessori School.

During our learning at home period due to Covid-19 we re-arranged our lounge/living area to make our dining table centre point, becoming a project table. It was and still is, used for school/learning, lego building, computer work, hand sewing, meccano, puzzles etc. On the outside table, all of our craft/art supplies were and still are displayed and ready to be used. Now that we have a very active puppy at home, most projects and play needs to be moved to a bedroom or higher table, out of reach. Even though our children returned to school, we decided to keep the dining table where it is as it’s getting so much more use.

Reference books for Miss 8. These books have been so relevent for her in Cycle 2 (Lower elementary/Primary).

WORK– My husband has slowly been transitioning back to the office, a few days each week. We have been so fortunate to have a quiet/nook space at home for work, making conference calls so much easier. I choose to work at our dining/project table in the main lounge. I have also found the time to self-study (Nutrition/health- focus on children and plant-based wholefoods) as it’s been a while since I got back into some kind of study. I am already a qualified Naturopath/Nutritionist but there is always much to learn.

AT HOME PROJECTS– I recently gave myself some new painting projects to do at home (finish painting the window trims in every room of our house and finally paint the outside wall around the side of our house- I managed to finish both. Next paint project is painting the roof trims around the outside of the house (we have a low set house). I also just finshed a bit of Spring Cleaning even though it’s Winter here in oz. I cleared/cleaned every cupboard in the house and made each space more managable. This week I will work on our pantry, fridge and freezer and book shelves.

In our spare time, my husband and I have almost finished our backyard kitchen garden raised beds as well as our new wooden compost system. All the work has been done ourselves (thanks to YouTube inspiration).

kitchen garden
A former, mostly un-usable hill- now garden beds.

I took the above photo a few weeks ago and we have made some minor tweaks since then. This is the lower part of our garden and  has 3-levels. The top two levels have all of our vegies and herbs and the bottom lower level if for our fruit trees. We have 3 banana, 3 paw paw/papya plants, mandarin, lemon and lime. We also have some strawberries and soon to have grape vine. All of our vegie and herb garden beds are covered in netting to keep out our puppy, turkeys and other creatures.

What are we growing?- kale, rocket, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes (in sacks), snow peas, beetroot, carrots, raddish, basil, cilantro, parsley and mint. We have a green house which is growing all sorts of things, soon ready to be planted.

Compost system almost finished. We are still yet to add a front, roof (which opens on hinges) and some wire mesh over the whole thing to stop creatures inlcuding snakes and mice from getting in.

Our Dog Max:

Our Beagle puppy Max is now months old. He has settled so well and has the loveliest temperament. He sleeps indoors, but spends most of his day playing in our backyard. Max is not yet ready to go our on walks but gets plenty of exercise in our yard as we have two levels so he can run up and down stairs and a big dirt hill which he just loves. I am looking forward to being able to go on daily walks with him, just to get out each day and gets some fresh air and sunshine. Food wise- he eats really well and no allergies. I feed him (Vegan pet food) topped with wholefood and supplements etc and my husband gives him some regular pet food (dried). Max had a checkup recently with his Vet and she is very happy with his progress.

max dog compost
Pet compost (dog poo)

In other news, I have started a Plant-Based Kidz blog. I have only just set it up with little to no content- I will get into that asap. The plan is to post some of the following ideas;

  • Pantry, fridge, freezer tours (what we buy, store, eat)
  • Kitchen garden tours (what we are growing or planning on growing)
  • Recipe developing and testing (my children’s fave recipes including DIY staples)
  • School lunch box ideas
  • Nutritional guides

Stay safe and keep well


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