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Every Day Begins New is where I share our family journey to ‘Simplify’- striving for a more simplistic and more mindful, slower life.

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Find us on my family Instagram account or my plant-based food Instagram account on Pinterest or contact me via email at everydaybeginsnew@gmail.com

Would you like to feature on my Blog? If you are a Montessori, Plant-based or Simple Living family and would like to be featured as part of an Interview series, please contact me via email with ‘Interview Series‘ in the Subject header.


I am a @globalguardianproject ambassador because I believe in the importance of raising the next generation of changemakers and protecting the Earth.

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4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hey,

    I’d really love it if you did a piece on Montessori Online Training programs like Montessori Live: http://www.montessorilive.org they’re nonprofit organizations trying to provide Montessori educators with the most convenient way possible to get certified so they can influence young lives in the best way imaginable.

    Thanks for all your writing thus far!

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