Plant Based, Gluten Free and Low Waste (kids) Birthday Party

This past week we had an ‘afternoon tea and play’ combined Birthday party for both of my children after school with a small group of friends. We opted for no presents, no party bags (which we never do anyways), no Birthday cake or candles etc to keep it ‘no fuss’ which is exactly what both … More Plant Based, Gluten Free and Low Waste (kids) Birthday Party

Simplified Birthday

My husband had his Birthday recently and we celebrated it in a simple way. The focus was simply on being together. It was not about the presents, the food or the decorations. This will be our focus for Christmas this year as well- ‘togetherness’. My children and I baked a cake from scratch, decorated the … More Simplified Birthday

Over the weekend

Last weekend my children worked together to make a Birthday cake for me. They gathered, measured and mixed all the ingredients together and of course got two large spoons to eat the left over cake batter in the bowl after pouring the mixture into the cake pan.Sometimes we simply mix the cake batter with a … More Over the weekend

30 Days of Gratitude: 16

Gratitude today for a little family Birthday party. It’s not my sonsย actual Birthday today however we celebrated as it was one of the only days some of our family could get together. We had a simple morning tea with some healthy snacks and some of our home-made cupcakes as the Birthday cake.